Bonhoeffer Chronology

by Richard.

Please find below a brief stab at a chronology of Bonhoeffer’s own theological writings. I hope this is useful to you. In completing this list I have used the Chronology in The Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the bibliographic essay by James Burtness which is available online here:

i) Communio Sanctorum. This was Bonhoeffer’s doctoral dissertation completed in 1927.

ii) Act and Being. Completed in 1930 this was Bonhoeffer’s second dissertation.

iii) Creation and Fall. Published version of Winter lectures at the theological faculty of Berlin (1932)

iv) Christ the Centre. Based on 1933 Summer lectures in Berlin.

v) The Cost of Discipleship. First published in November 1937 shortly after the Finwendale Seminary had been closed down by the Gestapo.

vi) Life Together. Written in 1938.

vii) Temptation. Again written in 1938 Life Together is a collection of lectures given to Finwendale alumni.

viii). Ethics. While never finished this book was begun in 1940.

viii). Letters and Papers from Prison. The first of the theological letters began coming out in 1944. These final two books were collated and preserved by Eberhard Bethge.

In addition to the above there are also three collections of shorter essays of Bonhoeffer’s available. These are: The Way to Freedom, No Rusty Swords, and True Patriotism.

I hope this is useful to you, if you notice any mistakes or omissions please let me know.


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