Hauerwas on Bonhoeffer

Readers of this blog may well know Stanley Hauerwas’ important book on Bonhoeffer, Performing the Faith: Bonhoeffer and the Practice of Nonviolence (Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2004). For those who want to taste of its contents, and perhaps have never seen/heard Hauerwas you may want to spend some time with this Burke lecture that became chapter 2 ‘Bonhoeffer on Truth and Politics’.


3 responses to “Hauerwas on Bonhoeffer

  1. I was really impressed by this lecture. My knowledge of Hauerwas is limited to The Peaceable Kingdom. His analysis of Bonhoeffer is very accurate. I appreciate how he analyzes some of Bonhoeffer’s difficult sayings. Bonhoeffer often used challenging language to demonstrate profound points. The most famous, or infamous, of course, is religionless Christianity. But you have to move past the terminology and work through the argument to understand the profundity of Bonhoeffer’s thought. Hauerwas does an excellent job of this.

  2. While Bonhoeffer was musing on “religionless Christianity,” he read the Bible every morning and evening, spent regular time in prayer, composed prayers and meditations, and centered his life around the Christian calendar.

  3. I imagined Hauerwas with a very different voice, but I like the lecture. It’s a meeting of two of my favorite theologians.

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