Bonhoeffer Blog Conference

Halden announced yesterday the beginning of what is sure to become a long and illustrious tradition—a Bonhoeffer blog conference. The profundity of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics lies in its insistence on pushing theological meditations toward the most concrete expression possible. Unlike many, his drive toward concreteness was not the result of an insipid focus on the “practical,” falsely contrasted to the abstract and theoretical; rather, he saw that proper theological work underlay the faith that leads to action. He is a tremendously attractive figure to so many of us because we have a sense that his life held together with a unity and integrity that most of us only strive to imagine.

In the last couple of years we have witnessed a substantial rise in collaborative theological scholarship via the blogosphere. The recurring Karl Barth Blog Conference promises to be an excellent staple among theo-bloggers, as does the forthcoming Balthasar Blog Conference. In the spirit of fostering further substantial theological scholarship in the blogosphere, I am happy to Bonhoefferannounce the First Annual Bonhoeffer Blog Conference. The topic for this conference will be: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics and Contemporary Theology. The aim of this conference is to foster sustained reflections on Bonhoeffer’
s last major theological work, Ethicsand to explore its implications within contemporary theological, ecclesial, and political contexts. While some spots are already filled (which will be announced later), there is plenty of room for submissions and proposals. Any submission related to this general focus would be open to consideration. Creative approaches to the work of Bonhoeffer is encouraged.

This conference will likely take place in early November, 2008. Submissions can be emailed to Halden at halden-at-wipfandstock-dot-com. Halden encourages you to promote this event on your own blog, if you are so inclined.

3 responses to “Bonhoeffer Blog Conference

  1. I am excited to see this. I am new to your blog, and I wish to be involved. Thank you.
    T Alan Trautman

  2. I recently finished a dissertation which traces Bonhoeffer’s concept of ‘Religionless Christianity’ as both a ‘Theo-Ethical’ and ‘Cristo-ethical’ term, from the influences of his historical situation and ‘teachers’ all the way through his writings. I would love for it to be considered for this conference. I am however schedulaed to speak on it in New Orleans to a combined meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Philosophical Society in the middle of November, the weekend around the 12th. My email is if you feel it may still merit some consideration.

  3. Well apparently I am a year late nad a dollar short. Let me know if you intend to do this again sometime.

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